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When can I get it?

We plan to fulfil our Kickstarter orders 9 months after the campaign ends, estimated to be June 2020. Stay tuned to find out when VOOMcart will be ready for pre-order again, and also on the market.

How much will it cost?

VOOMcart will retail for about $300 CAN or $225 USD.

How heavy is it?

VOOMcart frame is less than 10 lbs - that's like carrying a chihuahua! It has been designed to be lightweight and easy to carry when empty.

How much can it carry?

VOOMcart can carry up to 50 lbs - that's a case of wine in the bottom and crackers and cheese in the top bin. Or it might be your cross-fit kit for the park, your mobile office and a gym bag (with room for some groceries on the way home!). 

Where can I store it?

VOOMcart folds up to be 33"X22"X10.5"  It can be stashed in the back of a smart car and easily hung in a closet.

Have you thought about other colours  and fabrics?

Absolutely! Our goal is to have fun with fabrics and colours for your replaceable and removable bins but we will initially launch with our basic charcoal grey and limited edition red.

What about rain and snow?

Our bins are made from durable water-resistance material and there is a built-in rain hood.  Our wheels are made from a polymer composite providing an all-weather smooth ride with front swivel wheels for maximum manoeuvrability.


What about a drink holder, cell phone mount, backpack and shoulder carry straps?

Every VOOMcart will be sold with the shoulder strap for carrying.  Back pack straps, coffee holders and cell phone mounts will be sold separately.  We will continue to innovate creating accessories and new models to make your VOOM experience complete (think cooler bags, umbrella and yoga mat attachments, bike hitch etc.)


Have you thought about tech for VOOMcart?

Our app is coming soon that will allow you to track your physical activity giving you daily output and carbon credits.  We aim to add a solar or human powered charging unit for your cell phone to our suite of accessories.


Will it look like the protoype in video?

We will continue to improve on our design to provide the ultimate ride -- smooth and easy. Our design evolution will always reflect this goal and increase functionality without compromising promised parameters like weight and compactness.