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  • Do you have a video on how to assemble my VOOMcart?
    We do! Watch our instructional video to learn how to assemble your VOOMcart in less than 5 minutes.
  • How do I go into dolly-mode to go up stairs?
  • How much does a VOOMcart cost?
    VOOMcart retails for $349.99 CAN + HST. Free shipping within continental North America.
  • Do you ship VOOMcart internationally?
    Should you live outside of Continental Canada, Continental United States or Continental Europe and still wish to purchase a VOOMcart, please contact us at and we'll do our best to coordinate by providing a cost estimate prior to shipping. For Australia - please go to Please note: should you live outside our designated shipping zones, you will be charged $1.00 and this amount will be deducted from the final shipping amount. Someone from the VOOMcart team will be in touch regarding exact shipping details.
  • How heavy is it?
    VOOMcart's frame is less than 10 lbs – that's like carrying a chihuahua! With the bins, it's just under 20 lbs. It has been designed to be lightweight and easy to carry when empty.
  • How much can it carry?
    VOOMcart can carry up to 70 lbs - a case of wine in the bottom and crackers and cheese in the top bin. Carry up to 33 lbs in each bin and an extra 7 lbs in the carriage underneath.Or it might be your cross-fit kit for the park, your mobile office and a gym bag (with room for some groceries on the way home!).
  • Where can I store it?
    VOOMcart folds up to be 26"L X 22" W X 9" D. It can be stashed in the back of a smart car and easily hung in a closet.
  • Have you thought about other colours and fabrics?
    Absolutely! Our goal is to have fun with fabrics and colours for your replaceable and removable bins but we will initially launch with our basic charcoal grey and limited edition red.
  • Can the VOOMcart withstand rain and snow?
    Our bins are made from durable water-resistance material and there is a built-in rain hood. Our wheels are made from a polymer composite providing an all-weather smooth ride with front swivel wheels for maximum maneuverability.
  • What about a drink holder, cell phone mount, and shoulder carry straps?"
    VOOMcart comes with a drink holder and a padded shoulder strap for carrying. Phone mounts designed for strollers or bikes may be attached. We will continue to innovate, creating accessories and new models to complete your VOOM experience (think cooler bags, umbrella and yoga mat attachments, bike hitch, etc.)
  • Tell me about the gear bins - how big are they, and what are they made of?
    The gear bins are made with durable water-resistant, rip-stop nylon. They have a built-in rain lid, and also a zippered personals pocket. ***The top bin is slightly smaller than the bottom bin. Dimensions: TOP: H 13" W 13.2" L 11.8" BTM: H 13" W 14.2" L 11.8"
  • Tell me about the wheels.
    The front wheels are 6" in diameter. They have an independent suspension system for a smooth ride and are swivel to maneuver in tight spaces. They can be locked to covert into dolly-mode (pull behind) or long stretches in a straight line. The back wheels are 8" in diameter and include a one-step back brake system. The wheels are made from high-grade EVA and designed to endure many miles with you. Replacement wheels will be available on our website in the fall of 2023.
  • Have you thought about tech for VOOMcart?
    We aim to add a solar or human-powered charging unit for your cell phone to our suite of accessories, and what about power-assist for hills?
  • What is VOOMcart’s Return Policy?
    VOOMcart’s Risk Free 30-Day Guarantee allows product to be returned used, no questions asked. VOOMcart will pay for shipping anywhere within the Continental United States & Canada. This return policy only applies to purchases from and VOOMcart Authorized Retailers. Do not forget to include your return slip that you will receive via email after completing and submitting the Return Form above. This return policy only applies to purchases from our online store and Authorized VOOMcart Retailers. Please keep your VOOMcart box and packaging when possible.
  • How do I return my VOOMcart?
    VOOMcart’s Risk Free 30-Day Guarantee allows product to be returned used, no questions asked. Return your VOOMcart within 30 days of receipt to: VOOMcart 150 Stevenson St. S Guelph, ON, CANADA, N1E 5N7 To initiate your return click here.
  • What if I opened my VOOMcart? Can I still return it?
    VOOMcart’s Risk Free 30-Day Guarantee allows product to be returned used, no questions asked. VOOMcart will pay for shipping anywhere within the Continental United States & Canada. This return policy only applies to purchases from our online store and authorized retailers. Do not forget to include your return slip that you will receive via email after completing and submitting the Return Form above. To initiate your return click here.
  • I purchased my VOOMcart with a unique promo code. Am I still able to return my VOOMcart for a full refund?
    Yes. The same guidelines as indicated above apply to your return. You will receive a full refund.
  • I would like to exchange my VOOMcart for a different model. Is that possible?
    Yes, it is possible to exchange your VOOMcart for a different model. Your VOOMcart must meet the Return Policy requirements as indicated above to do an exchange; however, you must indicate in the subject line “Exchange my VOOMcart”. Remember to include the email that you will receive from us after you complete and submit the Exchange Link below. You are responsible for shipping the original item back to our warehouse (address above) and the associated shipping charges. We strongly recommend using a service that provides tracking as we will not be liable for lost shipments. Once our warehouse has received and processed your original purchase to be exchanged, we will place your order for the new item. If the cost of the new item exceeds the value of the original item, we will process the balance on your original method of payment. If the cost of the new item is less than the value of our original item, we will refund the balance on your original method of payment. Additional Information Regarding Exchanges: Customers are responsible for paying all shipping expenses related to exchanges. Exceptions may be made if the reason for the exchange is a mistake on our behalf. Please email customer service at if you did not receive the product that you ordered. To initiate your exchange click here.
  • Is my VOOMcart covered by warranty?
    Yes. Your VOOMcart has been manufactured to the highest standards of durability and endurance. Your VOOMCart was carefully inspected for any material and manufacturing defects before it was shipped to you. We expect that you will be enjoying your VOOMcart for years to come; however, we recognize that unforeseen performance issues may arrive. VOOMcart will honour a limited 2 year warranty (from date of purchase) if the following conditions are met: - Possession of your original proof of purchase - Warranty duration is limited to 2 year from proof of purchase date
  • What is covered under the VOOMcart warranty?
    The 2 Year Warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship,including the following: - Chassis - Frame - Bins - Undercarriage Hammock - Fabrics - Zippers - Velcro - Snaps The 2 Year Warranty does not cover claims and/or damage caused by the following: - Misuse - Abnormal use - Dirt, sand, and/or staining caused by use - Poor handling from airline or freight company - General wear and tear - Second hand products - Overloading -- we guarantee that our VOOMcart will carry up to 50 lbs - Mold, stains, rust, or sun damage from general use - Torn or worn handgrips from general use - Modification of products - Poorly maintained and/or stored products - Lost or stolen products - Use other than specified by the VOOMcart’s instruction manual - Damage to wheels/tires such as holes, tears and punctures - Improper installation of third party products that are incompatible with VOOMcart
  • How do I make a claim under the warranty?
    Our design integrity is important to us -- we want to hear from you! What went wrong and how did it happen? Your honest feedback will enable us to continually improve upon our manufacturing design and process. If you meet all the warranty requirements listed above and have obtained the information necessary to submit your claim, fill out the link below and complete a warranty claim form. You will also need to email us photos of your VOOMcart’s defects. Please take photographs of the defect from as many angles as possible. We will ask you some simple questions as to how and when the defect occurred. Please share your comments and/or suggestions to help us make VOOMcart even better! Due to seasonality of stock we cannot guarantee that customers will be able to purchase the same item that is the subject of their warranty claim. To initiate your warrant claim click here.
  • My VOOMcart is missing parts. What do I do?
    We apologize. All replacement/missing item requests must be made within 30 days of your purchase date. Please email us at and we will fix the problem!
  • Can VOOMcart repair my damaged item?
    Currently, we do not have a global repair facility available. If you decide not to pursue a full warranty claim and choose instead to have your VOOMcart repaired by a third party at your own expense, please be aware that VOOMcart will not accept responsibility for the cost or quality of the repair.
  • My warranty date has expired but I am having some difficulty with my VOOMcart. What can I do?
    Even if your 2 year warranty has expired, we encourage you to email us at We will endeavour to get your VOOMcart back on the sidewalks! We are always available to you and we want you to get the most out of your VOOMcart experience.
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