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225 Trees

Thank you to our Regenerative Eco-Reward backers as well as every single VOOMcart backer bringing our tree-planting total to over 225!

We are thrilled to have a team of backers joining us in May 2020 for our tree-planting day followed by a seasonal farm-to-table meal at The New Farm. 

Our collective carbon footprint is reduced by every tree planted, and every time you walk instead of drive, or use uber or delivery to get your groceries home.


The New Farm

The New Farm is a certified organic family farm located on the crest of the Niagara Escarpment just west of the village of Creemore, owned and operated by Gillian Flies and Brent Preston.


Brent and Gillian are leaders creating the change necessary for a sustainable future, and an inspiration to our VOOMcart team.

Listen to Gillian talk about "how we can eat our way out of this mess" through Regenerative Farming practices.