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Our Story

Kid-toting, cargo-friendly strollers were the original inspiration behind our VOOMcart. Power-walking while we ran errands kept us fit, connected and happy. It wasn't until the kids outgrew the strollers and we were back in our cars that we realized how trapped we felt in traffic and how much we missed our regular walks. We wanted our wheels back, but there was no way we were going the route of a granny cart. That was when we decided to create VOOMcart.

We have spent the last few years designing, engineering and testing prototypes to deliver an innovative solution to inspire active transportation.


We hope a simple, efficient, stylish new design will inspire millions to walk more. We want to start a revolution around the oldest and cleanest form of transportation.




Chief Executive Officer

I co-owned and operated EzaWear, a clothing store in Toronto's Kensington Market, that started in the grunge days and ended a decade later when I moved to San Fransisco as a new mom.  I'm a tennis enthusiast, urban cyclist and am driven by the desire to build a product that promotes a sustainable future for my kids.




Director Business Development

I am in Real Estate, and in my former life worked in the corporate world with many beloved companies and brands.  I'm happiest exploring my city, and the ones I visit, on a bike or on foot and have a passion for creating more livable cities for us, and the future. 



Co-Founder, Design Advisor

I enjoy rock climbing, kitesurfing, and skiing with my kids. I operate my own product design and engineering firm. I love to create products that allow people greater freedom of movement. I have been named as an inventor on several patents.



Creative Master

Dub Boy Productions

I operate a full service production company and have overseen countless projects guiding them from an idea to screen.  I'm a moonlighting hockey goalie and full-on dad.  I believe in VOOMcart, and can see how this will improve the lives of urbanites everywhere.



Chief Operating Officer

I'm thrilled to join the dynamic team at VOOMcart after suddenly finding my new career as a professional world traveller/flight attendant on hold. I'm excited to draw on my communications skills honed at companies such as Conde Nast, Hearst, Weddingbells and The YMCA of Greater New York to promote a very different but equally vital mode of transportation and travel. 



Manufacturing Advisor

Founder/Owner, Wike Bicycle Company

I believe that active transportation is the key to happy communities. For over 30 years our company, Wike has been promoting cycling and walking through our innovative and creative solutions.  Our goals at WIKE are aligned with VOOMcart, and it has been a pleasure to join them during their Kickstarter campaign.  I look forward to strengthening communities everywhere together!




This is Lester Productions

I operate my own experiential brand marketing company and have done super fun events like the backstage scene for JayZ and Justin Timberlake. I live in Manhattan and walk everywhere.  I believe that VOOMcart will make my city life better.

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