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Recently, we were thrilled to be invited to a dinner party at a friend's house - oh! Just saying those words "Dinner party" gives us a chill of excitement that yes, during the continuing pandemic, we can and do go to friends' houses for dinner again. Yes !!!

During our lively conversation which circled the table, we were surprised to hear someone mention that they were going to miss their summer walks with VOOMcart to the farmers market. (Ahem...many farmer's markets actually do stay open year round).

Wow! We recognized immediately that our friend was in need of a VOOMercation -- meaning an education regarding the multiple uses of VOOMcart everyday. VOOMcart isn't a seasonal companion -- it's here for you and your family 365 days of the year.

First -- Think of your VOOMcart as a piece of sporting equipment that is designed to keep you active and fit -- year round. The sport provided by VOOMcart is active transportation, which is simply defined as using your own power to get to and from one place to another. When you invested in VOOMcart, you also made a commitment to your physical and mental health. VOOMcart is a reason to get out the door, rain or shine! (The detachable bins have lids to keep stuff dry)! You are already kitted up for active transportation with VOOMcart so go and rock that walk with style.

Don't forget that with our days getting shorter, it's more important than ever to get outside in the fresh air while the sun is shining. Our bodies crave the Vitamin D that the sun provides, not to mention the natural mood enhancing serotonin that is released through sunshine and physical activity. Think of walking with your VOOMcart as your natural defense against depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Walking is the perfect activity to keep you moving through the fall and into winter. And VOOMcart is the perfect companion for these and many other health-related reasons. And you can get creative with your destinations too.

So, for inspiration to keep you fit and fabulous this fall and winter, we have compiled a short list of original ways to use your VOOMcart:

Holiday Shopping in the Mall - It's true - as much as we adore and prefer shopping locally, there are times, especially if you have teenagers in the mix, where it's just a necessity to go to the mall. But who wants to make multiple trips back to the parking garage with all your shopping bags? Bring your VOOMcart and you can be in and out as quickly as possible. The same goes for Holiday Fairs and Craft Trade Shows. They pop up everywhere this time of year. We love them! But before you know it, you are carrying your coat, then you are carrying your kids' coats, and your bag, and then you are so weighed down that it's not so much fun anymore. Throw everything in the bottom bin and use your top bin to carry your purchased treasures home.

Outdoor Skating Rink - Our hometowns are blessed with outdoor skating rinks and it's a family passion for us to skate with all the generations together. Load everyone's skates, a thermos of hot chocolate, (and maybe an outdoor blanket or two for spectators) into the bins, park the car and wheel on over to the rink. Your VOOMcart also makes a convenient holdall for everyone's boots and gear while you skate.

Weekend Ritual - Even though practically everything is online these days, for better or worse, a lot of us are still old school when it comes to our weekend newspapers and reading. Walk to your local coffee shop, bring your cart, stock up on the papers from near and far and be sure to add some baked goodies for good measure. Don't forget to use your handy dandy VOOMcart cup holder to bring that much needed coffee home for the partner that stayed behind with the kiddies.

Walking to and from School with the Kids - Throw the backpacks into your VOOMcart ! Take a load off of the kids' backs and get a workout. Those backpacks are getting heavier and heavier. Let VOOMcart carry the load for you. It's a win-win for the kids and you!

Library - We were so impressed when one of our VOOMers recently shared with us how their family takes its VOOMcart to their weekly library visits. All of their children are self-proclaimed bookworms, and now the little ones can take out as many books as their elder siblings without worrying about being able to carry them home. How wonderful!

We are sure there are many other ways that you can use your VOOMcart throughout the year -- we've probably just scratched the surface here. Do us a favor and post your day with VOOMcart on social media and tag us @voomcart #voomcart #walkyourshop. We can't wait to hear from you.

Downtown Toronto Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Photo Credit: DESIGNECOLOGIST @Unsplash

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