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VOOMCart and ALL ECO are All In for a Greener Ottawa

VOOMcart recently dropped in on Jackie Morphy, the female entrepreneur behind one of Ottawa’s hottest new stores, ALL ECO. You can find ALL ECO in The Glebe at 857b Bank Street.

Q: Wow! Your store is incredible. Everywhere we look we see something that we want. How did you come up with the idea of ALL ECO?

A: You know the saying, it’s never too late to realize your dreams. I had always wanted to have my own store, ever since I was a little girl. When I decided to open my store ALL ECO I was determined that my store and my products would be for the good of the planet. I believe that we can all make a difference in the world and it starts with the products we buy and consume. ALL ECO is all about sustainability.

Q: There are so many fabulous neighborhoods in Ottawa. How did you choose The Glebe?

A: I have always adored The Glebe. It is a really vibrant and active neighborhood that has a built-in eco-consciousness that inspires me. I feel like ALL ECO and The Glebe have a symbiotic partnership.

Q: How have you kept your business alive during the pandemic?

A: The timing literally could not have been worse as I had just opened my doors four months before the pandemic struck. But I will say that I have had loyal customers since day one. I keep the store fresh by constantly adding new stock. I strive to keep my concept of sustainability and environmental protection on point. I also noticed that the pandemic created a heightened awareness amongst my already eco-conscious community. Customers could see that there was less smog in the air. Water was clearer. We were marveling about the fact that one could actually see the bottom of the Venice canals for the first time in centuries. I truly believe that this ignited the desire in my customers to make better choices and reinforced the choices that they had already taken to benefit the earth.

Q: Why do you think that VOOMcart is the perfect product for your store?

A: The Glebe is the ultimate urban walking community. Everyone here walks their errands. It’s actually part of the fun of living in The Glebe. Because my store is all about promoting eco-friendly choices and sustainability it was the perfect choice.

Q: Why do ALL ECO’s customers love VOOMcart?

A: They love everything about it. The VOOMcart is a game changer — that’s what I keep hearing. They love the concept of double removable bins that go straight from the cart into the kitchen. They love how light it is, and that it collapses. It takes up no space in the closet or the car trunk.

Q: Are you surprised about how quickly VOOMcart has become a Glebe must-have?

A: Not at all. I’m not the only one in Ottawa that thinks so. Ottawa Foodie and TV personality Paula Roy recently highlighted VOOMcart as one of her top picks in her Spring 2021 Gift Guide. And Ottawa Social Influencer, Katie Hession, known as #YOWCITYSTYLE has also been spotted about town sporting her VOOMcart.

Q: Quickly, before we go…we are curious! What are your top 5 best-sellers at ALL ECO?

A: Everyone absolutely loves the refillable shampoos, conditioners, soaps and cleaning products. That goes without saying. Besides those must-haves, the top 5 selling products today are:

  1. Reusable Facial Eye Rounds, made of washable cotton and bamboo they replace cotton balls to clean your face

  2. Pela Compostable Phone Cases and Sunglasses

  3. Tok Beauty Mascara and Lip Glosses

  4. White Lantern Organic Candles

  5. And of course, VOOMcart!!

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