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Cashing in on Foot Friendly

Why walkable neighbourhoods are in demand.

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When you choose to buy real estate in highly walkable neighbourhoods you're not only safe-guarding your investment but you’re protecting your health at the same time. Canadians increasingly want to live within walking distance of amenities and the rates of car ownership are on the decline (Statistics Canada 2016).

In today’s market, buying a home where you can walk to schools, restaurants, groceries and transit commands a serious premium. In fact, according to, every walkscore point is worth as much as a .9% increase on your home value.

The holy grail of walkscore ratings is a so-called “walkers paradise” that they define as a place where you can accomplish your daily errands without the use of a car.

The price of entry into these communities is high but the huge demand for walkability means you can rest assured you’ve virtually guaranteed an equally high return on your investment.

A regular walking routine is proven to boost memory, improve fitness, help with weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And as if that wasn’t enough reason to walk any chance you get - all of these amazing benefits from walking also come with the bonus of a zero carbon footprint.  

 If the place you currently call home is somewhere you can walk to accomplish most of your errands, why not give it a try?  You never know, your walk to the grocery store could turn into the best part of your day.  Now a THAT’S an investment that makes sense.

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Tori Wright is a Real Estate Agent in Toronto's most walkable neighbourhoods.  

You can find her @duckwrightrealestate @voomcart

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