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Condo (In)conveniences

A point-of-view from a condo-dwelling early VOOMer.

Condo Tower looking up toward sky

Spoken words from an aspiring VOOMcart user who just pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

Do you know how much of a pain it is to get into the parking garage, from parking level 3 or 4, fob through 2 security doors, up the concourse and through the lobby to the elevator and down the hallway to your apartment or condo? It's a pain. I need a VOOMcart!

Hoping soon I will be able to avoid the car altogether and avoid the joyless drive through traffic in my car. With a VOOMcart I can walk the fifteen minutes to do my shopping, get all my groceries, wine, cat litter and looks like anything else you can imagine. Oh and I get the feel good perk of reducing my carbon foot-print too. Is it dorky to care about that? Oh well, I do.

Hey - I also care about the few thousand steps on the fitbit, check, check, check. Hurry up VOOMcart I need you.

Having a good cart will make you want to use it more. The more you use it the better you feel, the better you feel...well enough said. 

Awesome, can't wait, yes...walk your shop. It's easier.

Aspiring Toronto VOOMer and Condo Dweller, Peter Austin

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