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A Day in the Life of a Condo-Dwelling VOOMer

Beverley Massey finds new innovative ways to use VOOMcart to improve condo living.

Woman sitting on condo terrace with a red VOOMcart.

Beverley Massey is a professional home-stager and organizer, specializing in downsizing. She lives in a 1,000 square foot condo on Kingston’s beautiful waterfront and lives by her motto “Everything in its Place”. Beverley is the mother of founder Erin Binnie and was, naturally, an early adopter and avid VOOMcart enthusiast.

Beverley has found many innovative ways to use VOOMcart - some that we never even considered – to improve condo living. She has inspired us to consider the possibilities and we think she will inspire you too.


I truly live by the words “everything in its place”, so when VOOMcart came into my life, I had to evaluate its purpose and function honestly (although of course I would have bought one anyway)! Every item in my condo has to be beautiful or serve a purpose – or both. So I was delighted when VOOMcart checked both boxes! The first thing I found was that it was easy to put together. And as soon as it was ready to go I got rolling!

A red VOOMcart tucked away in a condo.

My daughter Erin and her best friend and co-founder Tori knew that VOOMcart would be ideal for condo dwellers – but they had no idea it would enhance my condo-lifestyle in so many ways. It brings joy to the mundane, privacy and dignity to the otherwise slightly embarrassing, and a bit of panache to social outings (or 'innings' within the condo).

Here are some of the ways I use VOOMcart in my daily life:


This is the first thing I did – I had a load of unsightly recycling that had to go down to the basement. This is an unwanted job that has to be done regularly when you live in a small condo. VOOMcart has made the little ordeal so smooth. It is so easy to pile the recycling in, sorting it as I go. It was a breeze to roll it to the elevator, and unload in the utility room downstairs. Another nice thing about the recycling-VOOMcart is that the rain lids can cover your discarded containers so you can keep your garbage private (Nobody needs to know what treats I like!)


The rain lids also play a privacy role when I travel up to the top floor to do my laundry. Who wants to see my dirty laundry as we ride the elevator together? Pile it into the VOOMcart, close the rain lids and presto- people have no idea if I'm doing the whites, the darks, or lingerie! Another little bonus is being able to organize the folded laundry - the bins actually function like laundry baskets on wheels - and I can deliver the folded laundry right to its place in my condo.


I live right downtown and all of Kingston's amazing amenities are within a 15 minute walk. I cannot tell you how much easier it is to VOOM the grocery shop than drive. Doing my errands with VOOMcart is an uplifting social activity that provides fresh air and exercise. The parking garage is a dark, dreary place, and the effect of spending time there is a downer. It is the last place I want to be on a beautiful day, or even a so-so day for that matter!


Since my VOOMcart arrived, I have met someone, and my life has found a new, unexpected and incredibly rewarding path. I am giving up my little condo to move into a larger condo with my amazing partner. I was thrilled to discover yet another use for my VOOMcart. The VOOMcart bins can also act as moving boxes - already on wheels! With the two bins on wheels, I was able to begin moving my more precious and fragile items.

For the experienced VOOMer... and then some heavier items too!

A red VOOMcart carrying 2 boxes.


After the lock-down lifted, I was so excited to be invited to visit my niece and her boyfriend at his cottage. Well, the most natural thing for me to do was use the VOOMcart as my suitcase! I put toiletries in the top, clothing in the bottom, and off I went! Once there, I simply popped the packed bins onto the frame and wheeled it into my bedroom for the weekend. It was like having my own little dresser - forget about unpacking! Everything was easy to find, accessible and most importantly - easy to keep in one place.


So much about VOOMcart focuses on walkability and replacing the car trunk; however, I have found VOOMcart extremely handy while shopping WITH my car too! I can head out to the box stores if I have a to-do list that requires me to go outside downtown Kingston. With VOOMcart, I have the freedom to move from store to store without having to go back to my car in-between shops. Transporting big, awkward items back to the car is a breeze. I collapse my VOOMcart and off we go. So Easy!

Woman carrying shopping items with a red VOOMcart.

The BAR (VOOM)cart

I’ll admit it, this is my favourite! Going up to the rooftop for sunset cocktails is a real treat at our building. With such a beautiful view, I’m sorry to say, plastic cups and canned drinks do not cut it. Savouring a ceremonious sundowner requires the proper tools. It is easy to load up the VOOMcart with a fully stocked Martini bar and head anywhere - I have taken it to backyard barbecues and social gatherings. These days, anywhere I go VOOMcart comes along.

Red VOOMcart Acting as a Bar Cart

VOOMcart is my everyday condo companion. Wouldn't it be great if condos just came with their very own VOOMcart?

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