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Well here we are again. Another Christmas spent coping with Covid -- that holiday guest who just doesn't seem to realize that they've overstayed their welcome.

Sadly, the recent Covid surge is bringing chaos to our daily lives. We are unsure whether or not we will be able to finally get together with our loved ones, and each day doesn't seem to bring any more clarity. Indeed, here in VOOMcart's stomping grounds of Ontario, it seems as though we are perpetually braced for the next restrictions announced by Premier Doug Ford.

We admit that we are fanatics -- where else can you get realtime stats in such a fascinating format? But the downside to the unrelenting news is that the covid numbers are going the wrong way, economic uncertainty is hovering throughout the world, and self-isolation is taking a toll. We are craving human contact more than ever this holiday season and yet again, it seems just outside our reality.

So! With the prospect of a quiet Christmas again, it is going to take some effort for us all to keep the claus-o-meter peaking with good Christmas vibes. As we begin to self-isolate, quarantine, and organize our "bubble" of safe human contact again, we thought we'd reach out with some ideas to find a little joie de vivre with your VOOMcart.

Here are some fun ideas that we've personally tested at VOOMcart. Our suggestions will get you out and about safely, and will undoubtedly help boost the clause-o-meter.


Missing the Christmas holiday socials? Load up your VOOMcart bins and go have cocktails with your friends and neighbors. Sit on the porch and throw in a blanket or two to stay cozy .


Put on some tunes and get out to deliver charitable donations or make your neighbors happy with a little home baked treat.


Christmas shopping list not done? We know that feeling too! The shopping that feels the best and fills you with real Christmas spirit is #shoppinglocal or touring a festive Christmas market. Do it in style and load up without feeling the burn in your arms.


Need inspiration to get out for that walk? Cross things off your list and get your steps in at the same time. Stocking stuffers on the list ? Head to the pharmacy for travel size toiletries, the LCBO for airplane sized bottles and "minis", the pet store for doggie treats, and the local coffee shop for freshly ground coffee to brew Christmas morning.

SPORTS UTILITY CART - we love hearing that our VOOMers often refer to their VOOMcart as their sports cart!

Do the kids need to burn off some extra energy? Throw the skates in the bins and head to the closest outdoor rink. Remember to put a thermos of hot chocolate in and maybe a cozy blankie or two.

We want to express our gratitude for all of the amazing feedback we've received about VOOMcart and how you make it part of your daily life - often in ways we had not imagined (yet) ! Please continue to share your stories with us.

Stay safe and healthy! And we hope that your VOOMcart will bring you some of that special holiday spirit measured in the clause-o meter!



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