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Looking For a Faint Silver Lining to Coronavirus in the New Year? Let's Talk About Walking.

New Year Push Forward Illustration

2020 presented hardship, grief, isolation and personal and economic challenges. The best we can do is look ahead and be optimistic about what the new normal is going to look like, and how the future can be improved based on the insights and adaptations forced by the last year.

The events of 2020 shone a spotlight on how we interact with our neighbourhoods and cities, and brought about a surge in active transportation (biking and walking). This is the silver lining for VOOMcart. We believe passionately in the power of active transportation to transform daily life in our communities and cities. AND this thinking is starting to find serious traction.

We invite you to “Google ‘the 15-minute city’”, to see a framework for building sustainable cities within cities, by making walkability an essential priority. And check out what Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris) or Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) have to say about how we can all push forward to make our cities better.

VOOMcart is excited to be part of this transformation, and we are poised to catch the wave of bettering our environment through active transportation. Our factory prototypes have now been extensively tested and our VOOMcarts are being built.

Pre-orders with special launch pricing are now open on Receive $50 off a limited-run VOOMcart with promo code VOOMVOOM and join the Active Transportation Revolution.

We are ready for the road ahead.

Happy ‘VOOM’ Year

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