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Empty Stroller Syndrome

It's a real thing.

Line drawing of woman and kids in stroller

We did not coin this phrase, but when we found it in the NYTimes article describing what we felt, we knew we had it!

Cargo-toting, ergonomic strollers were the real inspiration behind VOOMcart. 

Power-walking our chores kept us fit, connected and happy. When our youngest kids finally outgrew the strollers, we reluctantly gave them up knowing we were losing something. We found that those adventures where we would meet, shop, move kids and cargo around were gone. We were stuck in a car, battling congestion and looking for parking just to get milk or something that would be uncomfortable to carry a few blocks home on foot.

We looked, but we could not find anything in the marketplace that suited our needs - this was our "aha!" moment.

We were too cool and too fast for granny carts, so we began the journey to create a better way.

VOOMcart has been created to give back the freedom to turn a quick errand into what could be the best part of the day.  It's the stroller without the kids!

It's time to introduce innovation to the oldest form of transportation.

Join the Walking Revolution!

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