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From crate to sidewalk

VOOMcart is transforming lifestyles everywhere!

We are celebrating our four-month birthday since VOOMcarts hit the sidewalks!

Waiting in an empty warehouse for your first container to arrive has that rather unsettling feeling of excitement mixed with a touch of fear (ok a bit more than a touch). The months following that day have been filled with many highlights and lots of learning. Shepherding the first-ever VOOMcarts from crate to the sidewalks was like a warp-speed course on shipping, receiving, fulfillment, customer service, e-commerce sales, wholesale business and website management.

It takes a village to raise a family and a global network to launch a product. We are thankful every day for our amazing network of advisors and partners. One of our most valued partners and mentors is Bob Bell, WIKE designer/owner and founder. Bob has brought many new products to market and the experience and wisdom he shared gave our novice team a boost of confidence. After our Kickstarter backers, Bob was the first official customer on our e-commerce site so it was fitting when he caught the first VOOMcart that literally fell from the truck.

Me waiting in our empty warehouse for VOOMcart to arrive, My partner Tori Wright and her husband KJ Duck figuring out the ins and outs of container unloading, Bob Bell and the first 'catch'.

Rolling sleeves up and jumping in to learn the business has been challenging and rewarding. But, the big test came when we recently sat down to analyze our product customer reviews.

The big test - have we achieved our goal of solving a pain point for people?

It has been pure joy to hear from you - and this is why we are celebrating this four-month birthday!

Our responses surpassed our greatest expectations. Not only did we receive a response rate much higher than we anticipated, but VOOMcart’s performance in the wild has also passed with flying colours! We love seeing our community of VOOMers grow. We thought we had brainstormed every possible VOOM use, but you are the true innovators: tennis gear, picnic basket, bar cart, games night, dinner cart, camping cart, and loading up the boat at the marina. We’ve even been able to transform an anti-grocery shopper into a European-style daily market goer!

VOOMcart is so much more than just a personal grocery cart.

We’d like to share one testimonial from an unsuspecting VOOM convert and lifelong friend. Having brother status means he can be brutally honest with us about anything. Not only that, we are pretty sure that he backed our Kickstarter to support us, not because he was dying to have a VOOMcart in his life. This review helps us understand that with VOOMcart, we are kinda solving a problem that people did not even know existed before.

"I recently moved into a new condo and my VOOMcart has been game-changing! It’s enabled me to move all kinds of items from my underground parking space into my storage locker and up into my condo unit with ease. Being able to fold it up easily allows me to store it in the limited space that I have. VOOMcart is essential for condo dwellers. I highly recommend it for everyday use, whether it’s walking to get groceries or for elevator trips to load up the car. I don’t know how I did it all before my VOOMcart arrived. Thank you, Tori and Erin, for making my life that much easier."

Mike Cunningham

Toronto Realtor


Please keep sharing your stories, pictures and ideas! We want to hear how we can continue to create products that make life just a little bit easier.

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