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VOOMcart vs Pandemic

Production continues through COVID-19 slow downs.

Woman boarding streetcar with cart

We have had many people asking, "When can I get my VOOMcart???"

Short Answer : We are working on bringing it to market as soon as we can possibly make it happen.

Long answer: Please read on...

One thing is for sure, the last 6 months has tested our absolute resolve to bring VOOMcart to life.  A global pandemic is going to challenge the supply chain of any product, both mature and new, and we found ourselves in a perfect storm. However, the pandemic also gifted us with a silver lining--the opportunity to tweak and finesse the final design, and ultimately land in a better place.

Our design team has done some amazing things based on your feedback:

  • Larger bins increase the volume of your load (in response to your wishlist feedback)

  • A one-step rear break replaces a separate brake on each back wheel

  • An "even-more" compact collapsible cart

In case you missed our most recent Kickstarter updates--here's a brief summary to keep you informed:

  • February update: Covid affected our established supply chain when all factories ground to a halt.   In an attempt to maintain our timelines, we explored how to bring production closer to home with 3D printed parts and assembly at WIKE in Guelph.

  • April update: Return to original overseas supplier after realizing local alternatives were not feasible.  However, around this time we began to realize that circumstances had shifted, and returning to our formerly established production route was not straightforward.

  • May update: Tree Planting update (event video coming - stay tuned!)

  • July update:  We secured a new supplier based in Shanghai, and within two months of initial engagement they produced a new prototype. We are grateful for the speed at which our new designer took on the project, was able to improve the design and produce a functional prototype.

  • Current update: The prototype and fabric samples were shipped to WIKE in late August, and tolerance testing was performed.

So you want to know what's next ?

We wish we could push fast forward but the next two stages are labour-intensive and it is critical we get it right.   If all goes smoothly we project shipping in late November, fingers crossed! 

1 - DFM (design for manufacture) -The latest prototype was pretty awesome (check out our Instagram) and now final adjustments need to be made. We then ‘freeze’ the design.

2 - Tooling (this is the biggie) -This is where the factory makes the tools to manufacture VOOMcart.

We promise to keep you updated now that our new path has been paved to produce your VOOMcart, and also in a new world where active transportation has a new importance.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Erin and the VOOMteam

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