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VOOMCART is the ultimate personal shopping cart engineered for active transportation -- keeping you on track to stay fit and healthy this year.

We designed VOOMcart to move easily, shop conveniently, and to last a lifetime. Let's talk top New Year's Resolutions and how VOOMcart will get you there.


What is the #1 reason most adults do not workout?

The most common reason people give for not exercising is that they simply do not have the time for it. Whether it is due to work, family, children, or a combination of these factors, you may say that exercise just does not fit into your busy schedule.

VOOMcart has been engineered to POWER WALK YOUR SHOP.  Its ergonomic design allows you to walk quickly while comfortably pushing up to 70 lbs. No need to choose between the gym or grocery shopping -- get your steps in and get your errands done. It's a win win.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What is an easy way for me to reduce my carbon footprint ?

You are in good company when you walk your shop instead of grabbing the car keys - 57% of Canadian consumers say that they shop local to keep their money within their community.

Every single time you walk your shop instead of using your car, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Forget Uber and delivery fees, save your money, save gas, and help save the planet.

VOOMcart walks our talk! For every VOOMcart sold, our company plants a sapling so that you start your VOOMcart journey at net zero emissions.

Teaser Alert - Stay tuned! We are going to dig deep into the concept of reducing your carbon footprint with our upcoming newsletter featuring Carbonauts founder, Graham Hill.  One of Fast Co.’s “100 Most Creative People in Business”,  Hill lives by the mantra “You should be allowed to be a modern city dweller and still care about the environment.” We couldn't agree more. 

Reduce Your Landfill Footprint and No more Plastic Bags Again- EVER!

Can we really live without plastic bags?

It takes 1,000  years for a plastic bag to degrade in a landfill. Even then the bags don't break down completely, as they become microplastics that absorb toxins and continue to pollute the environment.

You will never need a plastic bag again with VOOMCart.

And you won't find VOOMcart anytime soon in a landfill. VOOMcart is engineered to the toughest standards and we offer a best in class 2 year warranty. Dare we say it, but it's quite likely VOOMcart will outlast us all.

 #ShopLocal and Support Your Community Small Businesses

When you support local businesses your money recirculates in your community, creating a multiplier effect. Dollars spent locally, can in turn be re-spent locally, raising the overall level of economic activity, paying more salaries, and building the local tax base. It's a win and win and VOOMcart can go explore anywhere your feet take you, without the hassle of navigating traffic or searching and paying for Parking.

Eating healthy 100 km foods (Food grown, sourced and distributed within a 100km radius to your home)

Farmer's markets provide regular access to fresher, healthier food than most grocery stores. This is no secret. But what you may not know is that a lot of Farmer's markets stay open throughout the year and are always fun to explore. Their offerings typically reflect seasonal bounty so the experience can be different every time you go. It's a great way to get out and access fresh fruit and vegetables. And if you don't live close to a farmer's market don't worry -- - VOOMcart is lightweight and collapsible. It easily pops into the back of your car or it can be taken on public transportation. Make a day out of your visit to the Farmer's market, grab a coffee and meander through the stalls.


It's hard to start yet another New Year with the pandemic. I think we were all hoping that the world would be in a healthier place than it is right now. But we are true believers that if life hands you lemons.... well you know..... get out with your VOOMcart, get those lemons and make lemonade and be social. Get up, get out of your pajamas and sweats and go. You will see people in your community as you walk your shop. We challenge you to forgo the delivery and Uber fees and just go get out there. Chatting with store owners and clerks is social contact. So don't just walk your shop but consider walking your dinner too. We know that walking is good for your physical and mental health. Get out and VOOM!

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