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save on voomcart - 4 days left!

Thank you, One of A Kind attendees! ! Since VOOMcarts hit the sidewalks in April 2021, we've been waiting to find the right venue to introduce our innovation publicly. Our hunch was correct, and it was incredible to demonstrate to an audience of curious shoppers genuinely interested in unique and innovative products. For those who walked away with your own 'ultimate personal shopping cart,' we hope it's putting a smile on your face as you move easily with your gear, groceries, or...whatever it is you have to haul.

For those who may be on the fence, the exclusive OOAK discount is valid until Sunday, December 11, at midnight. Order by then, and there is plenty of time to have VOOMcart shipped to go under the tree. Remember, shipping is free anywhere in Continental Canada & US!

Use OOAKWalk at checkout to receive $50 off.

While touring the show, if you dig in to learn about the products and makers (like you did with VOOM!), it's nearly impossible to see and hear about all the fantastic creations. Although we were pretty tethered to our booth, we made show and tell mandatory for team members who went out exploring, and here are some of our highlights!

If you were my 16-year-old son, you'd head straight for the food. He is all about finding good protein-laden snacks and was not disappointed. Check out these two family-run artisan butchers for great snacks and goodies for your holiday charcuterie boards!

1 - Black Sombrero

The Estrada family makes traditional Mexican chorizo, summer sausage, and mini chorizo, all made with their custom spice blend and locally sourced lean meats, no filler, no dairy, and no gluten. Since I missed them at the show, I've ordered online, and my cured meats are on their way! A $5 shipping fee for Ontario residents.

2 -Bay Meats Butcher Shop

Cindy and Bruce of the Bay Meats Butcher shop specialize in Beef Jerky. I was happy about picking up a few of these for my son's stocking because it's a natural product with simple ingredients, lots of hickory smoke, and low on preservatives. And delicious!

Order online. Standard shipping rates apply.

3 - Carolyn Draws

Described as "cards that are funny, relatable and mostly appropriate," Carolyn Draws has cards for just about everyone you might want to pen a special holiday note to. Look how thrilled our friend is with her selection of cards!

4 - BESIDE Magazine

In case you missed our neighbours at the One of Kind - Beside Magazine is a perfect gift for the reader in the family. BESIDE is an independent magazine at the crossroads of nature and culture featuring personal essays, stories from the field, and ideas accompanied by incredible photography and artwork. Also, check out their sister project Beside Habitat if you are looking for a great getaway to unwind in nature.

5 - Susan Harris Design

Susan Harris Designs are all made from upcycled clothing, and each piece is truly - one of a kind. Her funky leg warmers and cozy mittens make perfect presents if you're unsure about sizes! Susan was also a neighbour, and her booth was buzzing with excited fans throughout the show!

Thank you for coming by to see how to VOOM - you made our first One of A Kind experience rewarding and validated our work. We hope you found great treasures for yourself and your loved ones, and Happy Holidays!

Use OOAKWalk at checkout to receive $50 off.

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