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VOOMing Forward

An opportunity to make improvements as supply chain issues persist during a global lockdown.

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Navigating a start-up during an unforeseen global pandemic has been an interesting and challenging journey.

It was essential to pivot our supply chain during the pandemic. Although this has put us behind our target shipping date, it has also provided an exceptional opportunity for us to tweak VOOMcart for maximal efficiency. We have been working hard to ensure that we maintain the quality that we promised our Kickstarter supporters, and are happy to announce that we are moving forward with a new supplier in Shanghai. Here is a picture of me and Nu in Wike's studio in Guelph showing off the new samples that were necessary to create to ship overseas for reference.

We are extremely grateful to have Bob and the team at Wike mentoring us through this process.

Now that things are moving along again, we will be using the new Project Status Feature on the Kickstarter platform to post short updates and milestones.  Check it out if you want to follow along!

All the best - keep walking,

Erin and the VOOMteam

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