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Students Walk (Out) to Show Support for Greta Thunberg's Global Climate Strike

We could follow their lead.

Tree sapling coming out of ground

Like many, I was moved by yesterday’s student’s walk-out in solidarity with Greta Thunberg's Global Climate Strike.  The  heightened awareness in our society has led many to ask the question "what simple things can the average person do to help fight climate change?"  As I traveled to the downtown core by bicycle I was struck by the gridlock of cars – did they not get the memo?  Clearly, one simple thing more people could have done yesterday was leave their car at home if they needed to travel in downtown Toronto!

The desire to do my grocery shopping on foot led me on a journey to start a company – VOOMcart - with two like-minded founders. If we were going to carry heavy things home we wanted a more effective cart than what existed (granny and pull carts ).  We believe that if there is a better way to move your stuff around on foot than more people will do it.

In today’s Globe and Mail, If a Tree Grows in a Forest, Michael Christie proposes ‘federally funded tree-planting effort, one that will blanket the country with viable, regionally appropriate trees, and one that will organize any person interested in fighting this war into one unified force’.  This is an inspiring initiative that could enable people searching for simple things they can do to help fight climate change.

Recently, VOOMcart launched successfully on Kickstarter.  We have also hitched our cart to the regenerative farming practices at The New Farm, committing to plant one tree for every VOOMcart sold.  Some people also pledged to support the tree-planting initiative independently and we are proud that we will be planting over 225 trees next spring.  

We are a budding company and sustainability is one of our intrinsic values.   The VOOMcart team members all have kids – it’s one of the drivers pushing us to succeed. #WalkYourShop #Sustainability #Walkability #FridaysForFuture

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