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VOOMcart is Helping Ottawa Reach its Sustainability Goal One Farmer’s Market at a Time

We are excited to announce that VOOMcart is now available in Ottawa! You will find us in The Glebe at ALL ECO, located at 857b Bank Street.

Summertime is the time for Farmers Markets and with our country slowly opening up there has never been a better occasion to visit our Nation’s Capital. Whether you are an Ottawa Native or not, we encourage you to visit the bounty of Ottawa’s Farmer’s Markets with your new best friend and sustainability partner, VOOMcart.

We know. You’ve heard the word “sustainability” a lot these days. And maybe you are doing your best to ensure that you are living a healthier, greener, and cleaner lifestyle. But did you realize that you could be having a great time while seeking sustainability? Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word, and it’s not a trend either. Sustainability is here to stay. And guess what? Achieving it can be a lot of fun!

The City Of Ottawa recently revealed its “Sustainability and Resilience Plan”. Essentially, the goal is to transform the city of Ottawa into a clean, renewable, and resilient city by 2050.

A realistic goal? We think so, and this is the fun part. Shopping at ALL ECO is a rewarding alternative to the big chain stores. They are committed to sourcing local companies who create sustainable products. Why not try swapping your shampoo, conditioner and cleaning supplies for ALL ECO’s refillable bottle program and reduce ocean plastic pollution? Every single choice that we make counts.

The success of the City’s plan requires Ottawa citizens to reduce their community emissions by a whopping 43 per cent by the year 2025. We all need to step it up and literally step out with our VOOMcarts! So leave your car at home and take your styling VOOMcart to the bountiful farmers markets that are located throughout the city of Ottawa. VOOMcart's design is light and fast so you can walk longer distances easily. Hunching over, dragging a heavy cart, and straining your arms will be a thing of the past. And better yet, thinking that your destination is 'too far to walk’ will never cross your mind again. Walking longer distances means ticking more things off your to-do list— including exercise — get your steps in while you do your errands. And guess what? We know you are going to have so much fun.

We’ve compiled a short list of just some of Ottawa’s fabulous farmer’s markets here for you to get started. VOOMcart holds 70 pounds of delicious cargo which means that you can stop at every single vendor that catches your fancy, and even stop for wine on the way home, all the while with a natural graceful gait!

Here's a VOOMer challenge - use your Google Maps to see if one of the farmer’s markets listed below is within a good walking distance (when we say good - make it count!), and head out on the town. If you take up this challenge - we want to hear about it!

Ottawa Organic Farmer’s Market (1644 Bank Street)

The name says it all. It’s open year-round and carries everything organic. You can also get some organic bath treats and products too. Gifts and groceries all in one errand.

ByWard Outdoor Market. (55 ByWard Market Square)

No! This isn’t just for tourists. Come and check it out again for the fabulous food vendors and arts and crafts.

Lansdowne Park Market (900 Exhibition Way, Lansdowne Park)

Every Sunday. All year long. Everything here is cultivated or produced locally. You can find everything you are looking for, and all the things that you didn’t know that you wanted.

Beechwood Farmer’s Market (43 Ste. Cecile Street)

Beechwood runs Saturdays, Spring to Fall. Besides amazing local produce, check it out for its maple syrup.

613 Flea (Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park)

This is a monthly market that runs itself as a non-profit. It’s a veritable treasure hunt with all things old and new.

Parkdale Market (366 Parkdale Avenue)

From April to November this daily market will provide you with the best selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and our favourite VOOMcart accessory - beautiful fresh flowers.

Main Farmer’s Market (201 Main Street)

This market focuses on fresh produce from the Ottawa area. Fill your VOOMcart bins with fresh veggies and fruit. Don’t forget to put the eggs on top.

Kanata Farmer’s Market (745 Kanata Avenue)

This market runs on Saturdays from Spring to Fall. So when you are visiting other markets on Sundays, remember to hit Kanata up on Saturday. Follow the smell of fresh bread.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter profiling Ottawa’s ALL ECO founder and owner, Jackie Morphy.

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