• Erin Binnie

Walking is Freedom

…more than ever!

Today is National Walking Day!

The COVID 19 pandemic has made the act of going for a walk mean a great deal more than it ever has before. 

In fact, for most of us, a daily walk is our only chance to get fresh air, exercise and deal with the stress and loneliness of current social distancing protocols.

Studies have shown that making time every day for a walk will also simultaneously create a “habit loop”. This means that people who incorporate a walking routine into their daily lives will eventually start to crave it -- and thus make it a habit. This is a very good thing!

For example, the popular book Blue Zones, which studied the habits of people in areas with the greatest average life expectancy, showed that people with dogs are happier and healthier because the dogs encourage them to walk on a regular basis. 

VOOMcart’s tagline -- Walk Your Shop -- was created to inspire people to do their errands and feel good at the same time. The fresh air, exercise, human interaction (even if it is waving to passersby from 2 metres away) of a simple walk provides invaluable mental and physical health benefits. This is true now more than ever. Walking has never been more powerful.

At VOOMcart our mission is to inspire active transportation and make walking and multitasking not just an easier choice -- but your first choice.

Make sure you get out for a walk today --


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