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celebrate world car free day with us

VOOMcart is joining over 2000 Cities in 46 Countries who are participating to Reduce Global Carbon Emissions

Hey VOOMer Community - let’s do this!

World Car Free Day is next Wednesday, September 22, and it is a big deal for us. We created VOOMcart for that very reason — to provide a better choice for people who wanted to leave their cars at home while shopping and running errands.

To be quite honest - a granny cart or a hard-to-load pull-cart was NOT going to inspire us to ditch the car. They are merely bandaids making the outing bearable, not inspired solutions. What about something that could transform utilitarian walking into something easy and even fun?

That’s why we dug deep to engineer something new. Something that did not exist.

By thoughtfully considering all aspects of the pedestrian shopping journey, we came up with a solution that in fact makes the act of walking with lots of stuff a breeze. How about walking fully upright, accomodating a gait to move briskly, removable bins that can transport items right from the store aisles to the kitchen counter? Check.

VOOMcart is lightweight and compact for storage in closets, and the bins have a rain lid to protect your cargo...the list goes on.

So…. That is why we are celebrating World Car Free Day! In honour of World Car Free Day, we’ve decided to share our joy by giving away 6 VOOMcarts!

And - you can do your part this Wednesday by considering just one question, “Do I really need to use my car today?”

We know that leaving the car behind is a true challenge for most of us. Maybe it’s your turn to drive the hockey carpool - we get that. And if that’s the case, we ask you to consider leaving your car at home for part of your day when you might otherwise habitually grab your car keys.

It can be a new adventure!

Take the streetcar to the office, walk to your doctor’s appointment, or fetch your evening groceries and bottle of wine with your VOOMcart. Get out and explore your neighbourhood. Remember that interesting store you always notice on your drive home? It’s close enough to walk to, but somehow you’ve never made it there on foot. Try it out. Get out and shop local. You won’t just be benefitting the planet, you will be supporting local businesses in your community and strengthening our local economy. There are simply endless reasons to leave your car at home.

And if you do make it out - please share! We would love to see our VOOMcart community in action on World Car Free Day. Send us a message, a photo. Post photos and tag #worldcarfreeday@voomcart.

World Car Free Day couldn’t be coming at a more prescient moment. The national and international headlines this week are dominated by the state of our planet Earth’s environment. Global warming is accelerating at an unexpected pace. It’s not news to us that our personal vehicles are a major cause of global warming. But did you know that a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year? (EPA, The United States Environmental Protection Agency). And globally, the transportation sector is responsible for nearly a quarter of energy-related global greenhouse gas emissions (United Nations Environment Program Report).

We sincerely hope you will decide to celebrate World Car Free Day with us. We believe active transportation isn’t just about getting from A to B, it’s about having fun while you do it. And not to mention, grabbing a bit of exercise on the way is never a bad thing to do!

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