Female shopper with VOOMcart on sidewalk

More than just a shopping cart

VOOMcart is transforming communities one step at a time.

Let us introduce you to VOOMcart

There's no better way to shop and run errands than with the VOOMcart!  Step outside with a set of wheels and never have to worry about finding parking again.


VOOMcart's sleek and stylish design will almost make you forget all its functional perks - like its compact footprint, weightless frame, smooth ride and large baskets.

1. Ergonomic Handle

Foam grip with three adjustable heights.


2. Removable Gear Bins

Water-resistant, ripstop nylon - easy to wipe clean. Inner zipper pocket for storing personals and built-in rain lid.


3. Hammock

Easily removable for washing.


4. One Step Wheel Brakes


​5. Front Swivel Wheels with Suspension

​Easy to collapse aluminum frame weighs less than 10lbs. With wheels and gear bins VOOMcart weighs 18 lbs.


Learn how to assemble, collapse and carry your VOOMcart so you can get VOOMing faster!

Assemble in less than 5 minutes

Life is complicated – but how we shop and run errands doesn’t have to be.

Join a growing group of people who are realizing that the simple act of walking might just be the single act that has the biggest impact on our physical health, emotional well-being and our planet.

Ready to walk your shop?