VOOMcart Full Bins

Phone mount, drink holder and shoulder strap that converts to backpack all included. Only valid on First-Generation VOOMcarts while quantities last.


Use promo code VOOMVOOM to receive $50 off a limited-run VOOMcart and be among the first generation of VOOMers. Offer ends April 14, 2021.


First generation VOOMcart arriving April 2021!


Contents in bin not included.

VOOMcart with Accessories

  • VOOMcart ships within Canada ($20 Flat Rate) and the U.S. ($30 Flat Rate). If you live outside of Canada or the U.S. and would like to purchase a VOOMcart, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Inspired to transform your day.

Load up and walk in comfort and style.

Easily transportable.

Get to your destination with ease using the VOOM strap and load up on the way home.

Say goodbye to plastic.

The average person uses up to 295 plastic bags annually. VOOM's easily removable gear bins help make replacing plastic bags easy.

Thoughtfully designed.

To take you everywhere you need to go.

Holds a full shop.

Each gear bin can carry up to 33 lbs. Extra storage in the underneath hammock.

Lightweight and compact.

Fits in the trunk of a compact car or can be stashed in most closets.

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