We want you to VOOM for many many miles! 
Your VOOMcart has been manufactured to the highest standards of durability and endurance. Your VOOMCart was carefully inspected for any material and manufacturing defects before it was shipped to you.
We expect that you will be enjoying your VOOMcart for years to come; however, we recognize that unforeseen performance issues may arrive.
For How Long is my VOOMcart under Warranty?
VOOMcart will honour a limited 2 year warranty (from date of purchase) if the following conditions are met:
- Possession of your original proof of purchase
- Warranty duration is limited to 2 year from proof of purchase date
The 2 Year Warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship, including the following:
- Chassis
- Frame
- Bins
- Undercarriage Hammock
- Fabrics
- Zippers
- Velcro
- Snaps
The 2 Year Warranty does not cover claims and/or damage caused by the following:
- Misuse
- Abnormal use
- Dirt, sand, and/or staining caused by use
- Poor handling from airline or freight company
- General wear and tear
- Second hand products
- Overloading -- we guarantee that our VOOMcart will carry up to 50 lbs
- Mold, stains, rust, or sun damage from general use
- Torn or worn handgrips from general use
- Modification of products
- Poorly maintained and/or stored products
- Lost or stolen products
- Use other than specified by the VOOMcart’s instruction manual
- Damage to wheels/tires such as holes, tears and punctures
- Improper installation of third party products that are incompatible with VOOMcart

How do I make an warranty claim?
If you meet all the warranty requirements listed above and have obtained the information necessary to submit your claim, fill out the link below and complete a warranty claim form.
You will also need to email us photos of your VOOMcart’s defects. Please take photographs of the defect from as many angles as possible. We will ask you some simple questions as to how and when the defect occurred. Please share your comments and/or suggestions to help us make VOOMcart even better!
Due to seasonality of stock we cannot guarantee that customers will be able to purchase the same item that is the subject of their warranty claim.
To initiate your warrant claim click here.

Our Story

Kid-toting, cargo-friendly strollers were the original inspiration behind VOOMcart. When the kids outgrew the strollers, we struggled to carry things and wanted our wheels back! What was out there didn't provide the same ability to walk naturally and easily load. That was when we decided to create VOOMcart.


We spent a couple of years designing, engineering, and testing prototypes. In August 2019 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, only to face our supply chain being floored by COVID in early 2020.  With patient backers, we persevered and the first VOOMcarts hit the sidewalks in April 2021.