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VOOMcart Personal Foldable Shopping Cart

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Fully collapsible with removable bins!

Unfold a new level of convenience with the VOOMcart - the ultimate personal shopping cart designed to make carrying life's necessities a breeze. With two accessible baskets and unparalleled maneuverability, this collapsible cart is built to last, ensuring smooth and efficient trips every time.

Here's why the VOOMcart makes life easier:

  • Dual Basket Design: With two spacious baskets, loading and organize your groceries on the go! Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to seamless shopping.
  • Easy Maneuverability: Navigate crowded aisles and bustling farmers markets with ease. VOOMcart has a contoured handlebar for natural wrist placement and one-handed steering, and front swivel wheels ensuring smooth handling.
  • Built to Last: Crafted from durable materials, the VOOMcart is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Foldable and Collapsible: When not in use, simply collapse the VOOMcart, and fold the bins for convenient storage. Perfect for those living in compact spaces or on-the-go lifestyles.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're grocery shopping, heading to a picnic, or exploring your local farmers market, the VOOMcart is your go-to companion. Streamline your errands and enjoy the freedom to shop without limits.

The VOOMcart is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle, especially those living in walkable communities, condos, or urban environments.

Experience the convenience of the VOOMcart and revolutionize your shopping routine today.

Push or Pull (Dolly-mode for curbs and stairs)

Lightweight Aluminum Frame 

Compact fold

Contoured Handle Grip

Adjustable Handle Height

Front Wheel Suspension 

360 ° Front Swivel Wheels

High-quality EVA Wheels 

Easy-to-remove wheels

One-Step Back Brake

Self-standing Collapsed Mode


RIp-Stop, Water-- Resistant Nylon Outer Fabric


Collapsible with Velcro Tab Fasteners 

Lined Sidewalls, Water-Resistant, Rip-Stop Nylon

Inner Zippered Pocket

Smaller Access Pocket

Built-in Rain Lid


Open Frame:  (L) 36" X  (H) 37-40"  X W (22")

Folded Frame:  (L) 22"  X  (H) 26" X (W) 9"

Folded  Frame (wheels removed): (L) 18.5" X (H) 26" X (W) 6"

Wheelbase: 22"

Handle Heights: 37", 39", 40"


Top Bin: (L) 11.8" X (H) 13" X (W) 13.2"

Bottom Bin: (L) 11.8"" X (H) 13" X (W) 14.2"

Capacity - 70lbs

Top Bin: 33 lbs 

Bottom Bin: 33 lbs

Undercarriage: 7 lbs 


Frame (with hammock) : 6 lbs

Frame with Wheels:  9 lbs

VOOMcart fully assembled: 16 lbs

(With hammock, wheels and bins)

We exist to erase the burden of carrying, and to make loading easy and efficient - allowing you to explore and enjoy your journey.

Who knows where your road (sidewalk) will take you? There is no downside to lightening up the load!

  • 1 X VOOMcart Frame
  • 1 X Upper Bin
  • 1 X Lower Bin
  • 1 X Undercarriage Hammock
  • 1 X Cupholder
  • 1 X Padded Shoulder Strap
  • 2X Front Wheels
  • 2 X Back Wheels

VOOM because...

Load up to 70lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
I cannot imagine being without it!

I absolutely love my voom cart! I don't have a car so walking to do my shopping is a way of life for me. The cart handles so effortlessly and each bin holds a lot of weight. At the grocery check out, I just pop everything back into the bins and head on home; roll the cart straight to the kitchen and unload. Prior to the voom cart, I tried many carts and in the end I gave up on them for various reasons and so just carried my shopping bags. Over time, I found I became very conscious of the weight and size of the things due to the arthritis in my shoulders and hands being exacerbated by all the lifting and carrying. Now I can buy what I want and don't think about how much it weighs anymore. The voom cart has given me back the enjoyment of shopping and is definitely a purchase that I cannot imagine being without.

They've thought of everything!

I love my VOOMcart! It is so beautifully designed. They've thought of everything - from the large wheels to the staggered removable baskets, from "dolly mode" which I use when it's empty to the cup holder that goes on the left or right. It holds more than my old bundle buggy yet I never have to worry about things being crushed on the bottom. On top of all of that, when we contacted them to ask about availability they wrote back to us right away, shipped our cart the next morning, and followed up with us to make sure it had arrived OK. You can't ask for better customer service.

Revolutionized my Sunday shopping!

The voom cart has revolutionized my Sunday market shopping! With 5 kids in tow it’s always been a mission but not anymore!I get stopped all the time and asked where I got it and I think people think I work for voomcart by the way I rave about how much I love it ! Worth every cent! Definitely recommend !!!!!

It is a gamechanger!

Purchased Voomcart for my wife and it is a gamechanger for her. She is able to maneuver like an F1 driver! We only wish for that 📱 holder was on the cart, is this an add on? A message was sent to the folks in Guelph... A true and practical solution for your needs. Recommend ✋ 💯

High quality and easy for me to handle!

A very special surprise 😲 that my husband gifted me with. Arrived with no issues and is just beautiful. Grey colour is 👌 and I will be using this so often. High end quality and easy for me to handle. Look out 🛒 you have been officially replaced by the voom cart!