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ready to walk and roll?

Prices are shown in Canadian Dollars. Currency conversion will happen when your order is processed.

Engineered for efficiency.
Designed with style.


Power walk or stroll effortlessly with up to  70lbs! Transform shopping and carrying loads into an opportunity to explore and enjoy your journey.

1. Ergonomic Handle

Contoured for wrist, comfort foam grip with three adjustable heights Comes with drink holder.


2. Removable Gear Bins

Water-resistant, ripstop nylon - easy to wipe clean. Inner zipper pocket for storing personals and built-in rain lid. Each bin carries up to 33 lbs.


3. Hammock

Easily removable for washing. Carry an extra 7 lbs! 


4. One Step Rear Wheel Brakes


​5. Front Swivel Wheels with Suspension

Tested carefully to ensure comfort at all cruising speeds.

VOOMcart collapsed measurements

​Easy to collapse aluminum frame weighs less than 10lbs.

With wheels and gear bins VOOMcart weighs 18 lbs.

Collapsible Gear Bin
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