How Liz's Passion for Accessible Wellness Sparked the Creation of JOT

in Jun 6, 2024

Originally posted October 9, 2021

Recently we were thrilled to chat with Liz Eustace, the inspiring health coach and founder of JOT (Just One Thing). Liz is dedicated to empowering others to adopt wellness practices, aligning perfectly with VOOMcart’s mission to motivate people to get outside and get moving...and walk their shop!

“Managing stress, building resilience, and taking small, consistent steps are the path towards living the healthy and happiest life possible.”

Liz Eustace, founder of @JOTLIVING

Liz’s baby and brainchild, JOT, was launched after her twenty plus years of writing, researching, and working in the field of health and wellness. For Liz, her 'Just One Thing' is mindfulness because it has the biggest impact on the way she lives her life. Mindfulness inspired her to become certified in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and she brings the practice of mindfulness into all aspects of her work. 

JOT focuses on taking small actions to get moving. Over time, these small steps will lead to significant, lasting change.


Q - Why JOT? and Why now?

When I was at Lululemon, we were pre-seeding the New York City market for its first store. What that meant was that a few of us (six in total) were given an unlimited budget to experience the boutique fitness scene in New York. It was an amazing experience and we were ridiculously privileged to have that access.

In these classes, certain themes always emerged  - be positive, be kind, be curious, and that we are the net sum of our thoughts.

We are what we think.

This was a transformative idea to me — a true ‘a-ha’ moment. I wanted to share that idea which I really dug into when I was practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. So, after I left Lululemon, I started a communications firm in NYC that focused on health and wellness. My mantra was to make it playful, fun, and accessible.

Q - How does JOT help people cope with today's (pandemic) challenges?"

Change is overwhelming to people and this idea about having access has stuck with me. I feel quite urgent about it actually — particularly in the pandemic. Access to positive psychology, different modalities of healing, and most of all, access to each other, can make a huge impact on the lives of many. I became really curious about what the ‘JOT— Just one thing’ was for people for a healthier and happier life. And I married that with the idea that in order to change, grow and be happy, you have to start with Just One Thing.

Liz an early adopter of VOOMcart. We asked her if she sees any synchronicity between JOT and VOOMcart. Her enthusiastic response, much like her beautiful meditations, made our day:

I love my VOOMcart — and yes! I absolutely see similarities. VOOMcart is in many ways the Just One Thing for people looking to be healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more locally minded when it comes to how they spend their money. For me, VOOMcart is one way to stay out of my car which I absolutely love. If I can ‘walk my shop,’ it make me very happy…and healthy!”

Liz Eustace VOOMcart

Visit JOT on Instagram @jotliving

JOT’s Instagram feed is a delightful mix of discovery and fun. When the “starting live” notification appears, you’re instantly immersed in JOT’s mid-morning meditations. Liz's calm style and soothing voice are the perfect way to ground yourself and stay positive. She's a natural on this platform, offering bite-sized wisdom that can reset your day every time.


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