Jackie Morphy: Discover All Eco – Your One-Stop Shop for Sustainable Living

in Jul 4, 2024

Sustainable living is all about making small, mindful choices that add up to a big impact. Jackie's mission at ALL Eco is to support you on that journey.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already living a green lifestyle, Jackie is excited to help you find the products that fit your needs.

Q: What inspired you to start All Eco in the Glebe? What was your "aha" moment?


After a long career in the restaurant industry, I knew I wanted to start my own retail business but was determined not to add more waste to the world.

The journey to finding my business concept began with implementing green initiatives at our Brew Pubs. We were the first in Ottawa to eliminate plastic straws. This led to discovering biodegradable and recyclable alternatives for many items, I saw the positive impact and was ignited. Then, a visit to a beautiful package-free eco-store in Brooklyn made me realize I had finally found my business purpose and concept. I wanted an Eco Store —offering beautiful, curated, sustainable products that make a difference in our world.

Q: Your store offers a curated collection of necessities and delightful items, from cleaning products to home goods to jewelry. How do you choose which products to feature?

A: Every product at All Eco has been chosen for its beauty and positive impact. While many people begin their green journey by replacing obvious items like plastics, they often overlook hidden pollutants in everyday items like Q-tips and skincare products.  I love discovering eco alternatives, and learning about the creators and stories behind them.

All Eco is a brand people can trust, and where they can discover products they can be proud to use in their homes.

Q: Your tagline "It just makes sense" is fantastic. How did you come up with it, and what does it mean?

A: It just came to me! The tagline works on many levels—it makes sense for you, for the planet, for your loved ones. There's also a bit of a play on words—using your "cents" to make a difference. It's all about making smart, impactful choices with your purchases.

Q:You opened your store in October, right before the COVID-19 lockdowns. How did you stay motivated despite such a brief debut?

A: My belief in what I'm doing kept me going. Providing eco-friendly alternatives is crucial, and I love creating a beautiful space to showcase these products, and where people can learn about choices.

The support from the community during the first lockdown was moving - people knew that they had to somehow keep us alive by shopping local. 

Q: How has the local community support evolved since the initial lockdowns?

A:The support All Eco received during the first closure was incredibly moving and made me so happy. Small businesses rely on constant foot traffic,and for people to make a habit of shopping local. However, by the third closure, people were burnt out. There’s this common perception that if the doors are open, the business must be doing okay or better—“great, she survived.” But local small businesses always need ongoing support and for people to consciously choose to shop local. Transitioning from COVID to inflation and recession has had a significant impact on shopping habits, and it is very difficult to compete with the lure of big box stores and their deals.

Q: You've survived breast cancer and are now dealing with metastasis. How has this affected your perspective on life and business?

A: Now, more than ever, I believe in the products I sell. The creators behind these products are committed to avoiding harmful chemicals and plastics.

I often wonder about the environmental factors that might have contributed to my diagnosis.

I'm grateful for my suppliers, my community, friends, family, and healthcare providers. It truly takes a village.

Q: You're the exclusive distributor for VOOMcart in Ottawa. How does VOOMcart fit with All Eco's vision?

A: I love my VOOMcart! It's perfect for shopping without needing to remember reusable bags, (which have now also become an environmental hazard).  It's also great for All Eco pop-ups and moving merchandise.

The Glebe is a wonderful, walkable community, and I love seeing people using their VOOMcarts out and about keeping the Glebe alive!



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Note: With regret, Jackie will be closing her Glebe store on July 28th. She is moving her business online and will continue to ship your favourite products so you can keep All Eco as part of your sustainable journey.

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